UPDATE: Aaron has been adopted!

Meet the Susquehanna SPCA “Pet of the Week” – her name is “Aaron”.  Each week on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 am on Classic Hits 103.1fm, Leslie Ann will host members of the Susquehanna SPCA, who will tell us all about a special dog or cat at the shelter looking for its forever home.

This week we are going to feature Aaron, a very handsome 2-year-old male cat. Aaron came to The Susquehanna SPCA from a hoarding case where he was with many other cats. Because he was under socialized, he was very timid and fearful of people when he came to the shelter. During his time with staff there, his personality has truly blossomed. Aaron now adores attention and is a very sweet boy! He loves the company of other cats and can often be found cuddled up with a feline friend in his community room. Since Aaron is one of the shelter's longest residents, his adoption fee has been waived in an effort to help him find his furrever home.

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To meet Aaron or any of the other adoptable dogs and cats, give the SQSPCA a call at 607-547-8111 to schedule a time to visit for convenience, although walk-ins are welcome.

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Many thanks to the "Pet of the Week" sponsor: Five Star Subaru, dog tested, dog-approved, located at 331 Chestnut St., Oneonta, NY.

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