Wearing an Otsego County Sheriff's uniform means you will also definitely be wearing many hats.

One that goes unsung is how the sheriff's officers aid local animal shelters when it comes to animal protection.  We in this area have seen this more and more frequently over the years, unfortunately.  Abandoned dogs, tortured horses, neglected farm animals.  We have all seen and read the sad and tragic stories.  But many times it is the Otsego County Sheriffs department that has to act as the enforcer in these cases.

All of our are shelters do a fantastic job for our local animals and they know that they can rely on the backing and support of the local law enforcement agencies when "things get tough."

A local shelter has now made sure that the public knows how much their dedication and courage is relied on.

In a posting on the Facebook page for the Susquehanna SPCA.

"Last night we honored Sheriff Devlin for his leadership efforts to combat animal cruelty and Deputy Puffer for her bravery in service of animals. We are so grateful to have a wonderful partnership with the Otsego County Sheriff's Office - they do so much to help us make a difference for animals in need."

So congratulations to Sheriff Devlin and his whole staff for stepping up when needed and being the front line of defense for the helpless animals that are being neglected or worse.  We all join the SPCA in congratulating you and thanking you for your service.

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