During the pandemic did you ever get used to those online Zoom meetings?  You know, those get-together with others which left your computer screen looking like the opening credits of The Brady Bunch?  Me either.

It is difficult enough just to carry out such a simple Zoom task as a family get-together, or maybe sharing a few minutes with your grand kids.  But it was even trickier trying to conduct public meetings and forums in a Zoom setting.  Sound was terrible, optics bad.  "Hey, George, unmute your microphone."  I for one will not miss the Zoom meetings.

And now they will no longer be the order of the day with the City of Oneonta business agendas.  After June 24, 2021, local governments are no longer able to conduct virtual meetings pursuant to Executive Order 202.1. Any meeting of a public body conducted after June 24, 2021 must permit the public to attend meetings of public bodies in person.

The City of Oneonta will be resuming in person public body meetings effective immediately.

So it is back to normal now.  If you have business to conduct with any city agency you are encouraged once again to visit City Hall, or make an appointment with your desired contact, and go down and discuss this in person.  All weekly and monthly public forums will also be held in person.  And, as the public announcement from the city stated, don't think there will still be an option for online meetings.  As of June 24 they will not be allowed.

Another small step on the "road to normal" as we emerge from "The Great Pause."  And a welcome step!

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