One of county's great resources has been Otsego Express.  This bus service has added convenience for those who need to get around our county buy perhaps do not drive a car.  Otsego Express first started i 1994 and it has expanded gradually over the years.  Today, Otsego Express has seven routes to choose from, which in effect covers most of Otsego County.  Otsego Express continues to support its mission of "providing accessible and affordable and reliable transportation to all residents and visitors to Otsego County."  All COVID safety protocols are observed on all Otsego Express buses.

In that spirit,Otsego Express has announced that their Route 1 will extend to two stops in Richfield Springs, offering service between Richfield Springs, Oneonta, and Cooperstown Monday through Friday. Some original stop times have changed slightly from the previous route schedule. Please use patience as we make small adjustments to best fit the needs of our riders and the timing between stops. The new schedule takes effect on Monday April 26, 2021. View the schedule here.

Otsego Express also is a transportation partner with Oneonta Public Transit to offer transfer rides, and with ARC Otsego on several routes.  Otsego Express also partners with the Village of Cooperstown in the summer months to operate their Cooperstown Trolley system.

To find out more about Otsego Express visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

So when the time comes and you need a ride somewhere in Otsego County, do what a lot of people do....take the bus!  Otsego Express!

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