Now this is an achievement!  The largest fundraising campaign in the history of the State University of New York at Oneonta is nearing its final goal!

The campaign, titled "Grow. Thrive. Live.  The Future of SUNY Oneonta," is entering its third year of fundraising efforts and has already raised more than $20,000,000.  That means the campaign is 82% successful at this point.  The goal is $25,000,000.  All of this goes to SUNY Oneonta's ultimate goal of creating a $100,000,000 endowment fund which will see the college into the future.

In a statement, Paul Adamo, who is the vice-president for the college advancement and the executive director of the College at Oneonta Foundations said:  ""We have a good track record for planning and implementing and allowing campaigns like this one to succeed.  Our alumni and community members understand that their donations can have a direct impact on SUNY Oneonta and students who reside near and far.”

Students who have received scholarships from these funds have expressed their gratitude to the school and the donors.  Megan Short of Unadilla, NY, has received the Carl and Inge Otten Roemer '59 Scholarship and says these funds have helped her realize her dreams. “I could not be more grateful for the education that I have received at SUNY Oneonta, as it has prepared me to become a well-rounded teacher,” she said. “As my graduation date approaches, I will remember how thankful I am to the donors of the scholarships that make my education possible.”

For more information about the "Grow.Thrive.Live." campaign, please visit

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