Oneonta Police Department, responding to a report of suspicious activity in the Gilbert Street area, investigated and arrested Jahari DeJaun Brown, 29, and Davon Sanders, 22, both of Utica, on November 14th.

The suspects were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance for possessing 25 bags of heroin worth approximately $500. A handgun and a loaded sawed-off shotgun were also recovered at the scene.

Upon continuing investigation three more individuals were later arrested: Allan Stay Jr., 25, of Worcester; Victor Deleon-Natal, 24, of Oneonta; and Jordan Krone, 32, of Oneonta. All three were charged with attempted robbery, conspiracy, and criminal possession of a weapon. All are felonies.

The officers seem to have arrived in time to stop a planned armed robbery of related suspects Jahari Brown and Davon Sanders, with the motive for the attempted robbery alleged to be drug-related.

The investigation continues.