Friday, a lawsuit was filed in Otsego County Supreme Court to put a stop on the City of Oneonta development project, Lofts on Dietz. According to AllOTSEGO, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of five businesses near the Dietz Street parking lot, whose owners object to the loss of parking spaces in the lot as a result of the Lofts on Dietz.

The five businesses named in the lawsuit are: accountant Johna Peachin of  Peachin Associates; John  and Kathleen Pietrobono of Lewis, Hurley & Pietrobono Funeral Home, and dentists Robert B. Jr. and Gerald Pondolfino of Pondolfino Dental Associates.

These business owners are concerned about the loss of parking for their patrons. In addition, they believe that inappropriate waiver of zoning law requirements establishes an adverse precedent for future development projects, and a threat to the character of their community.

Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig commented on the lawsuit by saying, "I believe there is no ground for any action. The project went through site plan review and the SEQRA environmental process 'by the book'. The planning commissioners did their homework." Herzig also cited that there were three or four opportunities for the public to provide input.

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