The deadline for New York State municipalities to make a decision on opting in or out on allowing marijuana dispensaries and/or marijuana consumption sites has come and gone and the results have been revealed through the Marijuana Opt-Out Tracker. The deadline for a decision was December 31, 2021, with many municipalities making a decision just shy of that deadline considering the controversy and differing opinions of local residents surrounding this issue.

If a municipality opts out, they are giving up potentially significant income and I daresay that decisions were not easily arrived at in our rural region.

If you're wondering if your town opted in or out, we have summarized the municipalities opting-in below in Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego Counties.

Opting in municipalities in Chenango County:
Bainbridge (Town): just for dispensaries
Bainbridge (Village): for both
Columbus (Town): for both
Coventry (Town): for both
Earlville (Village): for both
German (Town): for both
Lincklaen (Town: for both
McDonough (Town): for both
North Norwich (Town): for both
Norwich (City): just for dispensaries
Oxford (Village): for both
Plymouth (Town): for both
Preston (Town): for both

Opting in municipalities in Delaware County:
Colchester (Town): for both
Davenport (Town): for both
Delhi (Town): for both
Delhi (Village): for both
Deposit (Town): for both
Deposit (Village): for both
Fleischmanns (Village): for both
Hancock (Village): for both
Harpersfield (Town): for both
Kortright (Town): for both
Margaretville (Village): for both
Meredith (Town): for both
Sidney (Town): for both
Tompkins (Town): for both
Walton (Village): for both

Opting-In Municipalities For Otsego County:
Burlington (Town): for both
Butternuts (Town): for both
Cherry Valley (Town): for both
Cherry Valley (Village): for both
Cooperstown (Village): just for dispensaries
Decatur (Town): for both
Exeter (Town): for both
Hartwick (Town): for both
Laurens (Town): for both
Laurens (Village): for both
Maryland (Town): for both
Middlefield (Town): for both
Milford (Town): for both
Morris (Town): for both
New Lisbon (Town): for both
Oneonta (Town): for both
Oneonta (City): for both
Otego (Town): for both
Otego (Village): for both
Pittsfield (Town): for both
Plainfield (Town): for both
Richfield Springs: for both
Roseboom (Town): for both
Springfield (Town): for both
Unadilla (Town): for both
Unadilla (Village): for both

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