The Oneonta City School District Board of Education will hold a public informational forum at 7:00 p.m. Thursday in the Valleyview Elementary School cafeteria.

At this time the public will have the opportunity to listen to a description of the proposed capital project.

Superintendent of Oneonta City School District David Rowley spoke about some of the items in the capital project.

"It really just addresses a number of issues in our physical plan, where we have door frames that are worn out, air handling systems that are no longer working or in constant need of repair; security concerns we're going to address with electronic systems that will have proxy card readers at the doors, so the doors will be locked," he said. "We'll have much better point-of-entrance control; drainage behind the high school, which has been a big problem for a very long period of time. It's a wide scope of work."

For further information please contact Oneonta City School District clerk Eileen Lishansky, at 433-8232 ext. 300