Social media has been abuzz with opinions from Oneonta residents ever since the City of Oneonta revealed a new marketing campaign with the slogan "We're Onta Something" from firm Trampoline Ad & Design.  The marketing campaign will hit social media across New York State and on select websites to tout Oneonta's wonderful qualities with lures of adventure and culture to potential visitors.

According to, Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig explained at Tuesday's Common Council meeting that Trampoline’s marketing campaign will show four categories in which Oneonta is “onta something” – artistic, unique, adventurous and delicious.

Oneonta's Mayor may be excited about this campaign but locals appear to be less than enthusiastic and the criticisms of the new Oneonta slogan have been rampant on social media. It seems that Oneontans are still very attached to the original slogan, "City of the Hills".  Whether we see Oneonta as the "City of the Hills" or feel that "We're Onta Something", it should be noted that the new slogan is simply a marketing tool to attract visitors, along with potential businesses and residents.  We Oneontans can still have our City of the Hills for as long as we want, no matter what marketing slogan the City adopts in the years to come.

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