Financial challenging times continue during the coronavirus pandemic and City of Oneonta Common Council members faced tough decisions for the 2022 budget. On Tuesday, December 7, at the regular common council meeting, the 2022 budget was passed.

Due to businesses having to shut down during the pandemic and spending outweighing revenue for the city, it comes with a 2.8% tax increase as well as a 10% hike in water and sewer fees. Unfortunately, plans to move forward with the new Oneonta transportation hub and renovations on the municipal parking garage had to be scrapped for the coming year to save money. The council will revisit the possibility of moving forward with those projects in July. It will depend on how much revenue is generated in the coming year.

Out of the 8 council members, two voted against the budget: Len Carson and Scott Harrington.

Every common council meeting is recorded for public viewing and below, you can watch Tuesday night's meeting to get more information.

Logic dictates that most municipalities in New York State and across the country will be facing difficult decisions as they vote on their own 2022 budgets on what to include and what to cut. It's clear that the pandemic has had and continues to impact financial matters for all, which requires us all to endure and practice patience during these challenging times. Sacrifices to move forward will have to be made but if there's one thing I know, Oneonta has a strong and enduring spirit and residents have risen to the challenges our community has faced during this pandemic. We just need to keep doing what we're doing!

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