The New York State Veterans Home in Oxford had quite an amazing surprise this week for its residents. The home received thousands of Veterans Day cards this week.

MSN reports that the 146 veterans who reside at the Chenango County facility haven't been allowed visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions. A card drive was organized on Facebook featuring photos of smiling Oxford veterans, and that Facebook post was shared over 2,400 times. Cards addressed to “Any Veteran,” began arriving at the facility this week. It was estimated that the home received “at least 3,000” cards.

The envelopes arrived from well-wishers as “close as down the street” and from far away as California, Florida and Washington state. Many included crafts, flags, banners, masks and hands-on projects for veterans to enjoy. One envelope included cards made a kindergarten class and also a photo of the children making the cards."

The home currently has 18 World War II veterans, and many others. They have close to 170 veterans at the Home. The cards were a really nice surprise to the veterans.

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You can still send thank you cards, and holiday cards if you'd like:

New York State Veterans Home at Oxford
Attn: Kristen Slate
4207 State Highway 220
Oxford, NY 13830"

The New York State Veterans' Home at Oxford is a 242 bed facility located in Chenango County about thirty miles north of Binghamton.

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