The New York Senate created a Veterans' Hall of Fame in order to honor and recognize outstanding veterans from our state who have distinguished themselves both in military and civilian life. One of the 53 veterans inducted for 2021 is from the 51st senate district - Worcester (Otsego County) and was selected by the district's senator, Peter Oberacker.

Yesterday, the announcement was made from Oberacker's office that Richard Scheiner, a Navy veteran who served as a member of the Naval Seabees from July 1979 to December 1994 would be inducted in the Veterans' Hall. During Scheiner's 15 years of military service, he received three Southwest Asia Service Medals, a Kuwait Liberation Medal, two Navy Achievement Medals, a Humanitarian Service Medal, three Good Conduct Medals, and a Navy Expedition Medal. Add to those achievements two Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbons, three Sea Service Deployment Ribbons and various campaign, service, and unit awards.

Not only was he an exemplary military member but he has also shown his leadership skills with a variety of service positions held in his Schenevus, NY community. He held the position of Master of the Schenevus Valley Masonic Lodge 592 at one time and he has also served as Grand Director of Ceremonies for the New York State Grandlodge.

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Scheiner has held leadership positions in his church, the Schenevus Episcopal Church where he has been treasurer, senior acolyte, and lay leader. In addition, Scheiner has held leadership positions with the Order of the Eastern Star and Rebekah Lodge, taking part in various public service projects.

There is no doubt that Scheiner is deserving of this honor from the New York Senate considering his dedication while in military uniform and as a community member.

The Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held virtually starting at 12:00 pm today due to COVID-19 concerns. To get a link to the event, visit Senator Oberacker’s Facebook page,

You can learn more about Richard Scheiner and all of the other inductees at

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