After Mother Nature has delivered her final (let's hope) winter slap, it is time to move forward in our calendars and time to seriously start thinking about spring!

About this time of the year, the nurseries and greenhouses across Upstate New York have been busy as proverbial bees planting, nurturing, coddling, and encouraging their flowers, trees, and bushes to "come out, come out" for the many customers who are ready to pretty up their homes.

New York Greenhouses and Nurseries

Perennials, annuals, flowering trees, shrubs, hanging baskets (by the thousands) and much more all await us at the 15 great nurseries and greenhouses you will find in this gallery.  We have also added a direct link to each business.  And we have highlighted how many years these places have been in business.

We like to do this to show how generational some of these family businesses can be.  You will see some on this list that are 15, 20, and 25 years old.  You will also find some that have been in business for many, many more years.  In fact, two of the greenhouses and garden centers mentioned here have had their doors open for more than a century!

So it is time (OK, so it is almost time) to look for your garden gloves and polish off your green thumb and head to the garden center near you.  And remember, we couldn't list all of the nurseries and garden centers in Upstate New York on this list (there are literally hundreds), so if we missed your favorite "pretty posey place" please feel free to give it a shout-out over on our Facebook page!

15 Top Upstate New York Nurseries and Garden Centers That Are Ready For Spring!

After Mother Nature gives us her usual parting slap, it is time to start thinking spring and thing flowers, gardens, yard work, and enjoying the planting season around your house. Here are 15 top garden centers and nurseries from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo that are ready and waiting just for you!

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