In a press release on Monday, December 12, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced the launch of a statewide Hate and Bias Prevention Unit through the New York State Division of Human Rights.

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According to the press release, the Hate and Bias Prevention Unit's responsibilities include public education and outreach efforts, serving as an early warning detection system in local communities, and mobilizing to support areas and communities in which a bias incident has occurred, like the Tops Supermarket shooting in Buffalo earlier this year. It will also be responsible for establishing and implementing a statewide campaign promoting acceptance, inclusion, tolerance and understanding of diversity.

Governor Kathy Hochul on Hate and Bias Prevention

"New York State will use every tool at its disposal to eliminate hate and bias from our communities," said Governor Hochul. "We will not let the rise in hate incidents that we see happening online, across the country and across the world, take root here at home."

The Division of Human Rights will organize ten regional councils across the state to provide residents a place to share concerns, organize, and host hate crime prevention training among other things.

"Everyone, no matter what color they are, or who they love, or what they believe, should feel safe when they go to work, or go dancing, or visit a house of worship, or send their kids off to school"

said Division of Human Rights Commissioner Maria L. Imperial.

"This new unit will advance our mission of equal opportunity, access, and dignity for all in our state."


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