Join Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society (DOAS) and SUNY Oneonta’s A.J. Read Science Discovery Center for a special workshop introducing the basics of birding as a pastime. The program, presented by Andy Mason and Charlie Scheim, Co-President and Treasurer of DOAS respectively, will take place online at 7pm on Thursday, July 16 and will include things like choosing binoculars, field guides, birding apps and other identification aids along with how to find good locations, connecting with other birders and organizations and possibilities for more advanced birding.

Registration Information can be found at the DOAS Website at

The presentation will overview common bird families of our region with a focus on representative species that are present in spring and summer, including songbirds such as thrushes, warblers, flycatchers, finches, sparrows, vireos, orioles and tanagers, as well as raptors and other birds. It will also include general bird identification tips and information on field marks, songs, habitat, and more. Printable resources will be available for all participants following the program.

According to Andy Mason, “Over the last few months, our organization has seen a significant increase in the number of people expressing an interest in getting started with birdwatching. People of all ages are looking for fun low-risk activities that can be done safely outdoors, and birding is a perfect fit.”

“Birding can be learned at your own pace and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Since you can find birds everywhere, one of the best ways to get started is to make observations right in your own yard or at a local park.”, adds Charles Scheim.

Doug Reilly, Director of The A.J. Read Science Discovery Center added, “We are excited to team up with DOAS to equip our community with the skills needed to start birding. Birding is a great way to engage with your natural environment and even to assist conservation efforts to protect local bird populations. Our hope is to highlight this opportunity to get away from your screen and to get outside, all while learning and having fun!”

This program will kick off a series of informal online chat sessions with DOAS Board Members where members of our community can ask questions or share their observations. More information about those chat sessions will be available to participants at the end of the program.