Every small town or village either had a roller skating rink or was near one back in the day.  It seemed that everybody skated, owned skates, and we all could do wonders on the rink.

Today, the proliferation of roller skating rinks throughout Upstate New York has diminished greatly.  But, they have not disappeared!  Here is a list of 11 great roller skating rinks around Upstate New York which should put everybody about an hour (or less) from a day of skating.

Today's roller rinks are not those of our parents or grandparents.  In those days the wood floors gently rocked like a series of waves, the lighting was poor, concessions were limited, and the music.  Well, it was either a pre-recorded tape of organ music or some places even had a live organ player tucked off in the corner behind a curtain somewhere playing tunes for the skaters.  Charming, yes!  Dated?  Definitely.

Take a look at the list of amenities at the following roller skating rinks.  Everything is state-of-the-art, disco lights have replaced the old fluorescent lights from the past, concession stands now offer pizza and full meals.  Birthday parties are extravagant and the music?  High quality disco music to keep the floor busy.

Today you can have your roller skates custom made at some of these rinks.  The only way to size your roller skates in the past was to tighten (or loosen) them with a key.  A key!

So off to the the future we go.  Roller skating is very much alive and popular, especially with the younger set.  Check out this list and go and spend a day or night at a roller rink near you.  Like riding a bike, once you have learned to roller skate you never forget it.

Go, have fun...and don't forget to take your skate key!

"All Skate!" Check Out These 11 Great Upstate Roller Rinks