There are so many options for energy security in our country right now.  And many people are looking to solar as a bin fide option as a safe and efficient energy source.  So, could a solar project be installed on the hill at Hartwick College in the near future?

There is a plan currently being discussed to go ahead with this project if it is approved after a considerable review is completed.  Oneonta approved the submissions of a Notice of Interest in this project to the Town of Oneonta and Otsego County on May 19, 2021.

The City of Oneonta Planning Commission is currently accepting comments on a proposed solar installation on the Hartwick College property. The public is encouraged to submit comments.  The next meeting concerning the solar project is scheduled for June 16, 2021 with an anticipation that responses from the community will be received prior to the meeting.

The application that is being reviewed is for the installation of a 5 MWac solar energy array with access associated drives, equipment pads, electrical equipment and adequate fencing.

Your comments may be submitted to City Clerk Kerri Harrington at or via US Mail at: City Clerk's Office, Attn: Planning Commission, 258 Main St, Oneonta, NY 13820.  It is asked that all submissions of comments comments be received by the commission by June 9, 2021 at 4:00pm to allow for proper review and response by any involved parties.

This story will be updated after the June 9, 2021 deadline for comment submissions has expired.

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