Bruce Bennett, Getty Images
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

The Russia-USA hockey game was spectacular to watch Saturday, even at 7 in the morning, but the Russians, team and fans alike, still don't think they lost.

If you watched or you've probably heard that the Russians had a late third period goal disallowed because video review showed that the net had become dislodged.  Russia protested and the referee supervisor ruled that the call (by an American referee) was correct.

Russian media is still going nuts over the call and subsequent ruling, with one state-owned TV channel even airing a one hour show dedicated to the call. I'm thinking some of these Russian fans and commentators need to think back to the 1972 Soviet-USA Olympic gold medal hoops game. Now THAT was a conspiracy!

Oh, and Russia still could have won that game, right? Had eight tries in a shoot out to do it. One more thing, it wasn't bad officiating that caused them to go scoreless against a supposedly inferior Slovakian team. As one fan was heard to say, if one bad call results in losing a hockey game, you must not have played real good.