Here Is Why I’m Watching Olympic Curling This Year
So, the Winter Olympics are under way and so far the big news seems to be about Bob Costas and pink eye, dirty water, no toilets, and summer-like temperatures. None of those things, however, will do anything to keep me from enjoying the women's curling event this year...
Inspiring “Thank You, Mom” Video For the 2014 Olympics [Video]
A mother's encouraging words can make all the difference.  Think of every time you learned something new.  Who was there saying, "You can do it!" P&G has put together a great video for the 2014 Olympics saying "Thank you, Mom".  It reminds us how much of an impact our moms have on teaching us how to react to situations.  In this case, "falling only makes us stronger&q
Legendary Upstate Olympian Dies At Age 55! (VIDEO)
Jeff Blatnick, an Albany area sports legend, has passed away at the age of 55 following heart surgery. Blatnick won the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in the sport of Greco-Roman wrestling.  After the 1980 Moscow Olympics was boycotted and absent of U...