As if the stars and celebrities at tonight's Academy Awards Show aren't pampered enough, each nominee goes home with the ultimate parting gift of them all...the schwag bag.

These bags are filled with items provided by sponsors and companies looking for "the big hook-up."   This yea'rs total of goodies is less than previous years (see the total worth at the bottom of the following list.  Yup...this is what is inside the most sought after gift in Hollywood tonight (except an Oscar statue, of course):

2 Australian vacations at the Great Barrier Reef ($14,000)

1 clothing de-fuzzer (??) ($19.99)

A week long visit to a health retreat ($4,000)

A six-pack of condoms ($19.99)

A VIP Pass at London's Heathrow Airport ($1,800)

A water filtration device ($795.00)

A selection of hand creams ($406.00)

A gift certificate for interior decorating ($7,400)

A giant bottle of Windex (??) ($3.99)

"Ultimate" kitchen appliance package ($3,000)

and more...

The total in the Oscar goodie bag this year is $47,802.00!