After a dominant performance in San Francisco last week, the Giants head home to welcome in RGIII and the Washington Redskins.

Brian Bahr, Getty Images

With the dense cloud of broken dreams and bitterness that is the demise of the 2012 Yankees hanging over, and raining depression down on, my head, I find my sport fandom adrift in a regrettable sea of torment - the wind at my sails all but blown out.

Last Sunday, a similar, yet decidedly less substantial, cloud was blown away by the brilliant ray of light provided by six sacks, three interceptions, stout run defense, unexpectedly dynamic run offense, and the ever solid play of Eli Manning.

I needed them last week and they were there for me.  Now, when my need is even more dire, I pray that these Giants deliver again; that when the Redskins come to town, they force them to play up to their level, rather then play down to theirs - as they did in two losses to the Skins in 2011.

The Skins are a better team than the 2011 edition, having added the man they call RGIII.  Griffin was the second quarterbacking choice in this year's draft, but has proven to be a top talent, setting the NFL ablaze in a way that makes Cam Newton's rookie year pay attention, and revitalizing a long horrific - except against the Giants - franchise based in our nation's capital.

An impressive win over the better-than-expected Vikings in week six has the better-than-expected Redskins at 3-3, and looking to announce themselves a player in the NFC East - perhaps at the expense of the worse-than-expected Dallas Cowboys.

This week's battle with the Giants will be the Redskins' first shot at a divisional opponent, and they're sure to rely on the combination of RGIII's fear-inspiring combination of run and pass, and the halfback stylings of Alfred "Who-in-the-hell-is-Alfred-Morris" Morris. While little is to be feared on the opposite side of the ball, the Skins' offense has proven to be a force - tied for third in the NFL in points per game.

The challenge for the Giants will be the same one they failed to answer against the Eagles a few disappointing weeks ago - contain.  The artist formerly known as Bob Griffin, currently known to the football world as RGIII, and mocked by Osi Umenyiora as "Sir" Robert Griffin - because he's earned the right to trash talk in 2012 - has shown the ability to escape pressure.  If the Giants can keep him in the pocket and force him to step up into  those rushing through the A-gaps, they could dominate.

Will they?

No.  But I'm not sure it'll matter.  The Redskins are 29th in the league in total defense and dead last against the pass.  Manning. Nicks. Cruz. Hixon. Black Unicorn. I think the Giants throw early and often - eventually opening up holes for the running game - in what will prove to be a thorough beat down of the depleted Redskins defense.

Whether they call him Sir, Bob or RGIII, I'm not sure how many times the defensive line gets  close enough to make him hear it, so expect a lot of points here.  But in a battle of scoring drives, I'll always count on Eli Manning to find a way.  Giants. 31-24.

I believe in Eli Manning.

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