After surviving a tough test against RGIII and the Redskins, the Giants head to Dallas to take on the Cowboys.

Al Bello, Getty Images

The New York Giants. To use a cinematic comparison, they're an M. Night Shyamalan movie.  The details vary, but the ending is always the same - predictable, yet oddly surprising.  Last week, with Halloween right around the corner, Eli Manning thew on his Ryan Leaf costume for 58 minutes before unmasking and finding Cruz for the 77 yard, game winning touchdown.

Conversely, the Cowboys have been like a movie with whom they share a name - Cowboys and Aliens.  At first, you see Harrison Ford vs. Daniel Craig in the Old West and it's glorious.  Then the aliens come, and the wheels come right the hell off.  Game one for the Cowboys looked legit, but since then they've gone 2-3 and have participated in a few of the worst football games I have ever seen...ever.

Now, they're injured, their quarterback isn't playing well, and their coach can't read a digital clock.

Sean Lee is out for the season with a toe injury and running back Demarco Murry is expected to miss Sunday's game with his own foot injury.  Tony Romo has, once again, ignited the hot seat upon which he seems to perennially sit, having thrown nine interceptions in six games; and at this point, it's six to five and pick 'em whether Jason Garrett will commit some kind of mental mistake.  Side note: Adding in Dez Bryant, the smart money says trouble for the Cowboys.

Still, it's Giants-Cowboys.  It's an NFC East rivalry.  And though Romo has had his issues, with the combination of Witten, Austin, and Bryant waiting to be found, and against this Giant secondary, there's reason to fear.  Add to that Dallas' improved pass coverage and this is sure to be a battle.

For the Giants, the key to winning said battle will be dominating the line of scrimmage.  With Murray out and Felix Jones hurt, Perry Fewell should be able to pack the secondary and let his lineman get after Romo.  Offensively, if they can involve Bradshaw early and let him build momentum, Manning should be able to use the play action game to pick apart what is, as I said, an improved, yet still building, secondary.

And even if they can't, what's not to like about Eli Manning, on the road, after a poor performance?  I believe in Eli Manning. No tricks this day for Giant fans, just treats.  The D-Line's momentum continues to build, Bradshaw finds success early, Manning finds success late, and the Giants score a hard fought divisional win.  Giants 23-17. 

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