Just one week after coming up short against the Eagles - literally - the Giants will try to rebound against the Browns.

Alex Trautwig, Getty Images

NFL wins are spectacles to enjoy.  The highlights and analysis are to be sought out and reveled in.  Conversely, most losses are dreary affairs to be avoided - the mute button employed for their minutes on television.  The worst losses, however, need to be escaped from.  They necessitate a full swearing off of football for such a time as it takes for the disappointment to assuage.

Last week represented that of the latter category as, too disgusted to watch any highlights, I replaced my normal Sunday night SportsCenter viewing with a Discovery Channel documentary on Mermaids...Yeah, Mermaids.

But what do you expect when the Giant defensive line refuses to acknowledge football fundamentals, Eli manning throws a brutal interception in the end zone, and Tynes' foot proves a few feet weak on the potential game winner?  Am I supposed to watch those highlights?  I've suffered enough.  Mermaids it is.

This week, I'm not expecting any cryptid-centered films after the Giants host the Browns - which is not to say there's no reason to be weary.  After all, the Giants come into the game banged up, with Nicks already ruled out, Barden going through concussion protocol, and several members of the secondary fighting injury - most notably Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle.  Additionally, the Browns have been sneaky-not-terrible this year.  Still, the homer in me refuses to believe that this Giant team will be brought down by the likes of Brandon Weeden - he says remembering with disdain The Great Charlie Whitehurst Rally of 2012.

Regrettable history aside however, the fact of the matter is that the Giants are the better team.  And having already underperformed at home in week two - now coming off a tough loss - I don't see it happening again.  I expect a big game from Eli Manning, who should still have just enough weapons in Cruz, Hixon, and Unicorn to dominate a Browns secondary with injury concerns.  On the other side of the ball I look for the first quality performance of the season from the artists formally known as the best defensive line in football.

I may have said it last week, but this is an Eli Manning-Defensive Line game, and I expect live performances for each on Sunday.  Prediction?  24-13 Giants.

Follow me on Twitter for live tweets throughout the game, and check back for a recap as soon as it goes final - and as always, Go Giants!