Anyone who has ever had ties to Oneonta or does currently is going to have fun watching a movie that was filmed in and around Oneonta during a very challenging time - the spring and summer of 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S.

"Asteroid" has immortalized Oneonta, NY in a "tongue-in-cheek" kind of way. It was produced by Oneonta natives, Kory Rowe (Producer, Writer, Cinematographer) and Dylan Avery (Producer, Director, Writer) who both returned to their native hometown of Oneonta after working in the film business in California and deciding that they wanted to make their own movies. Both are Oneonta High School graduates.

Asteroid film crew at ISD in Oneonta (via Dillon Avery)
Asteroid film crew at ISD in Oneonta (via Dylan Avery)

I became involved in "Asteroid" to play a very modest role in the movie - me! I figured that I should be able to manage to play myself as a radio personality. Since Rowe and Avery grew up listening to this Oneonta radio personality, they thought it would be fun to incorporate me into the film's storyline and how could I say "no" to that? I love their comedic twist on a story that involves a giant asteroid hurtling toward earth, specifically Oneonta, NY, and of course if it hits, it would destroy everything there.

Another born and raised in Oneonta person is not only involved in the movie, but he's also the star. I'm talking about Cuyle Carvin. Carvin has done very well in the world of acting, and most recently, before starring in "Asteroid", Carvin had a significant role in Kevin Willmott's film, "The 24th". Carvin also worked alongside Tom Cruise in the 2017 film "American Made". Over his acting career, Carvin has guest starred and appeared in more than thirty prime time and network television shows. He's the perfect person to star in "Asteroid" since the movie is all about Oneonta and takes every opportunity to make related references.

(on right) Cuyle Carvin (via Dillon Avery)
(on right) Cuyle Carvin (via Dylan Avery)

If you feel in the mood to get nostalgic about Oneonta and would enjoy a ton of Oneonta inside jokes and references that only Oneontans would get, you'll get a big kick out of "Asteroid" and you'll get a chance to see it on the big screen at Foothills Performing Arts Center on April 29 at 7:00 pm courtesy of Film Coop. Film Coop's mission is to promote Otsego County to the filming industry as a wonderful location to make movies, which in turn, brings economic growth to the county.

Check out the preview of "Asteroid" below.

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