Wayne County, New York has plenty to brag about.  Although just 50 miles from the Rochester metropolitan area, the county is rural to its core.  It his home to many cute villages and hamlets, as well as a couple of smaller cities.  The county is loaded with spectacular natural vistas everywhere you look.

Here, you will find great restaurants, breweries and wineries, odd roadside attractions and lots of historic sites, many of them going back to the founding of the Mormon religion in this county (Church of the Latter Day Saints).  At the north end you will find a fantastic, large public beach along the blue waters of Lake Ontario for family fun (and a great old lighthouse with a museum in it!).

It is here, along the northern shore of Wayne County that you will see a natural wonder unlike anywhere else in the northeast.  Chimney Bluffs State Park has many eerie clay formations along the shore, each of which rises up hundreds of feet in the air.  Where did they come from?  What the heck are they?  In this gallery you will find a link to them.  Totally amazing (and not a little bit strange).

So please don't overlook Wayne County when you hit the road this summer.  Road Warriors in Upstate New York will be well advised to stop for a bit at this beautiful and historic gem of a county!

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Wayne County Has It All. From Wineries to Sandy Beaches to Many Historic Sites, This County Sparkles!

Wayne County has an embarrassment of riches to share with road warriors traveling in Western New York. With a southern border in the Finger Lakes region, and a northern border stretching across the blue waters of Lake Ontario, this county has so much beauty to enjoy. Only 50 miles to Rochester, yet the county doesn't have any large cities to speak of, but does have plenty of small towns and hamlets along the way, each with a little story to tell. The next time you come and visit Wayne County, use this gallery as a starting guide. You will find historic sites, wineries, parks and recreation places, local history and museums, restaurants, nature walks, breweries and more. Wayne County is a gem! Get more information at https://www.waynecountytourism.com/

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Take a Look At 11 of the Best Comic Book Stores in Upstate New York!

This is a gallery of 11 great comic book stores spread out all over the Upstate New York region. Comic books are a hot commodity right now. Comic books go back a long way in American history, with the collection of them reaching a peak in the Baby Boomer years of the 1950s and 1960s. Back when they were a nickel or a dime, comic books were a fun, easy, and cheap way to entertain oneself when you were a kid. These 11 comic book stores in the greater Upstate New York region are ready for you to stop in and take a look around. Either collecting old, classic vintage ones, or getting on the "buy list" for the many new releases that come firing out all the time, you will certainly find some gems at these stores. Take a look at these pictures, but remember....these are not your father's comic books!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio