If you have already made the switch to hybrid vehicles or electric, you're in luck and need to add this to your list of items to purchase.  If you haven't, maybe this will entice you to make a switch.

There are green E-ZPasses available that will save you an extra 10% when driving through the Thruway toll booths in New York State. How do you get this or what makes it different from the regular E-ZPasses? Well you need to be driving a car with a highway fuel economy rating of 45 miles per gallon or more and meet California's low emission standard.

via NYS.gov https://www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/greentag.html
via NYS.gov https://www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/greentag.html

There is a catch, to get the discount you can't use cash, you must purchase an E-ZPass.

This green E-ZPass, yes it's really green too, will be mounted just like the regular passes onto your car's windshield of the qualifying vehicle. To see if you are eligible, you will need to create an E-ZPass account with the New York State Thruway Authority.

You will need proof of your EV or hybrid to receive the discount.  This has been a program of NYS since 2006, but since more and more people are making the switch to be economically savvy, this discount should be widely known. This plan cannot be combined with any other commuter plans.

To request the Green Discount, you can also send a letter and include a copy of the registration to:

E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center
Customer Account Correspondence
P.O. Box 15187
Albany, NY 12212-5187

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