We have long disagreed with the City of Oneonta wanting to take away the 7 parking spots on Chestnut Street in front of our radio station and in front of nearly a dozen businesses. The reason given for this move is to make the busy intersection of Main and Chestnut Streets more accessible for new OPT buses that are wider than the previous buses.

Although the "Temporary No Parking" signs are still affixed to the light poles along the street, we noticed that the city has now started painting NO PARKING signs in the road, which sounds more "permanent" than "temporary."

So it looks like the "Battle of the Parking Spaces" has ended, and the parking spaces have lost. Although it should be noted that 3 spaces have been left intact in front of NBT Bank.  So that is seven down, what is next?  Word on the street is that the next endangered parking spaces are those in front of the Huntington Memorial Library and United Methodist Church.  Just a rumor, now, but we shall see.

Bye bye "7 little parking spaces."   You have been there 100 years, and we tried to save you.  We will miss you.