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Citing the “best interest” of community, employees and traveling players and families, Cooperstown Dreams Park has announced it will be closed for the 2020 season.

“Cooperstown Dreams Park was hoping to avoid this outcome,” says a letter on its website. “But it is the only responsible course of action.”

All teams will receive a 100 percent refund or the option of future participation, and employees will remain at work “to the extent permitted by the mandates of Governor Cuomo.”

However, the park will not necessarily remain empty. “Our facilities are available for use, if needed in combating COVID-19 or for caring for those inflicted with the virus,” the letter reads.

Additionally, Dreams Park plans on establishing a local food donation center and kitchen to assist those in need of meals or basic essentials.

“Like the rest of the nation, we have never experienced anything like this,” the letter says. “We know our staff will be resilient and steadfast in its preparation for the 2021 season and that once again the joyous sounds of kids playing the game of baseball at Cooperstown Dreams Park will be heard.”
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