I have have met CNN's Candy Crowley on several occasions.  She will become only the second woman in history to moderate a presidential debate when she hosts the meeting tomorrow (Wednesday).

One of the great thrills of my 25-year radio career was to be able to broadcast from EIGHT different national party conventions.  Every four years I would go on the road across America and bring the details of these political pageants to my listeners back home.

In the course of these duties I have been able to meet and greet dozens of famous politicians.  Both parties.  They have been most welcoming to a small town guy from a radio station in the sticks of Upstate New York!  Among the most memorable politicians that come to mind are Sen. John Glenn (who had actually employed one of my cousins as his Chief of Staff), President George H. Bush (I met him and had a chat with him while he was still governor of Texas and his Dad was president; a really nice guy), Sen. Ted Kennedy (who was proud as could be to be hosting the Democratic convention in his native Boston), Jack Kemp (from upstate Buffalo, eternally youthful and a man who never stopped moving) and many others.

But for me, the fun was always meeting my favorite news people.  I guess I am a news junkie and to meet David Brinkley, Larry King, Dan Rather, Cokie Roberts, Charles Kuralt, Andy Rooney and others at these conventions really was a kick for me.  Tim Russert was my favorite and my meeting with him on the sidewalks of Boston is truly one of my fondest memories (he told me that The Otesaga in Cooperstown was his "favorite place in the world").

Candy Crowley is one of the most professional and friendly news anchors I have ever met.  Good luck tomorrow, Candy!