Calvin Harris arriving for his harassment trial in the village of Owego. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]

Calvin Harris returned to court in Tioga County, this time fighting a harassment charge.

Harris, who in May was acquitted of murder following the disappearance of his estranged wife, was accused in connection with a confrontation with a man in the village of Owego. A judge heard testimony in the non-jury trial on Thursday.

The 55-year-old Harris is being tried on a second-degree harassment count. He was charged following an incident on March 5, 2015, outside at Tioga County government building where a SUNY Broome history class had been held.

Thomas Zikuski, who was a student in the class, filed a complaint with police after a shouting match involving Harris as he left the building.

Cayla Harris, who also was in the class, became upset when Zikuski commented about her father's third murder trial, which was underway at the time in Schoharie County.

Zikuski, who once worked for Calvin Harris at a car dealership, testified that he did remark in the class that he expected Harris would "get off this time" because there had been a change of venue.

Zikuski said he had not been aware that Cayla was the daughter of Harris when he made the comment. He said he was "devastated" when he learned of the relationship and said he would not have mentioned the trial if he had known her father was the defendant.

Cayla Harris left the classroom crying shortly after the remark.

The 57-year-old Zikuski, who is a brother of Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski, said after the class concluded, he was confronted by Calvin Harris as he left the building and tried to get to his car.

Zikuski described Harris as "livid." He said he believed Harris was going to hit him. He said Harris "just flipped out on me," yelling profanities about what had been said during the class.

Zikuski said Harris told him, "You're going to get it, you'll see." He said he perceived that to be a physical threat.

Cayla Harris, who said she was 20 years old at the time of the incident, testified she went home after leaving the classroom in tears. She said when her father called the house, she told him what had happened.

Two other students testified they had witnessed the confrontation between Zikuski and Harris. While the two may have brushed against each other, they said they did not see any pushing or shoving.

Calvin Harris did not testify. Harris and his attorney, John Perticone, declined to comment as they left court.

The case is being prosecuted by Cheryl Mancini.

Acting village justice Lynn Craig reserved her decision after closing arguments, indicating she would announce her verdict within a week.


Calvin Harris after testimony was heard in his harassment trial on August 11, 2016. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]For breaking news and updates on developing stories, follow @BinghamtonNow on Twitter.