Well, folks, you have been hearing me chat about this all week long.

Zena Gurbo has been in twice this week to remind us that the Main View Gallery at 73 Main Street will be open as part of tonight's Downtown Oneonta Fabulous Friday.

They have all kinds of wonderful works of art on the walls there, but she really caught my interest by telling me about "the big bird."  It is a stylized bird done in bright oranges and yellow and reds.  It is made out of a little bit of everything from feathers to art paper to wires.  Well, I just had to go see it for myself.

This bird, a collaborative piece titled 'Phoenix", is magnificent, regal and a little bit whimsical.  And it is bigger than me (and I'm 6' 3" tall).

All works on exhibit at the Main View Gallery are for sale to benefit the gallery and the ARC Otsego.

Be sure and "cross over" tonight when you are enjoying Fabulous Friday and take in the sights of Oneonta's Art Block and the Clinton Plaza!