I will be heading to Cooperstown this afternoon to see the president at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

It is always fun to visit a president's appearance and get that close the man from the Oval Office!  Especially when you are representing such a small radio station from such a small area.

Over my 26 years at WDOS I have had the privilege of covering 8 major national political conventions around the U.S.  Because of this I have had the chance to meet President Gerald Ford, both President Bushs, President and Mrs. Reagan, and I even had the chance for President Jimmy Carter to autograph an original Carter's Peanut Farm bag to me.  Wonder what that thing is worth?

I am looking forward to seeing the president today.  Any visit by any president is a good thing for our area.  I'll put up a report tomorrow.  I thank the White House for the press credentials!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mr. President!

Update: Read Big Chuck's report on the president's visit HERE.