The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is about to reach out and touch many low-income communities across the United States, bringing their message of hope, inspiration and baseball to students in these areas.

A grant awarded by financial firm Morgan Stanley will allow the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to support students in low-income communities across the country, through a four year effort focusing on inspiring and educational programming. The Hall will use its award-winning educational curriculum to teach core-curriculum topics through the lens of baseball, engaging students in the material for maximum impact.

“The National Baseball Hall of Fame truly appreciates Morgan Stanley’s support of this meaningful initiative, which will provide needed resources, guidance and structured educational programs to thousands of students across the country,” said Jeff Idelson, Interim President of the Hall of Fame. “This considerable expansion of the Hall of Fame’s educational outreach programs provides new opportunities for the Museum and Morgan Stanley to accomplish our shared goal of positively impacting students across the country.”

The Hall will center its programs on such topics as Character Education, Social Studies, Math, Science and The Arts.  All with an eye to baseball, of course.  For example Character education will examine the story of "The Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig".  The Science curriculum will include a course on "The Science of the Sandlot."  In Social Studies a topic will be "Before You Could Say "Jackie Robinson."

In addition to lessons focused on baseball’s basis in statistics, geometry and economics, students engaging with the Hall of Fame’s educational curriculum will learn the inspiring stories of baseball and explore many of its key figures – including Hall of Famers Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Ozzie Smith and Jackie Robinson,

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