As I get older I am really trying to eat healthier.  So far so good.  But I do struggle in one area.


I have never been a veggie guy.  Some yes, but many way!  I do enjoy a salad, but mostly the lettuce, cucumbers, cheese, dressing and bacon bits.  Oh, if only bacon bits were vegetables.  Tomatoes are strictly forbidden.

Me and tomatoes go way back.  Well, tomato products I should say.  I cannot eat a tomato.  Never could.  I always order my tossed salad with "no tomatoes."  If they come out with the salad and are big slices I will simply take them off and give them to my wife.  If the salad comes out with little pieces of chopped tomatoes scattered all over.....back it goes!  The curious thing is I love all tomato products: tomato juice, pasta sauce, ketchup, tomato soup, salsa, etc.  But a for a tomato itself, never.

I eat basically water filled vegetables like lettuce and cucumbers.  In fact, my favorite restaurant salad is a "salad wedge." I love it.  Onions?  Cold, raw and with Italian dressing.  Cooked onions are not my thing.  Peas and green beans, meh.  Other veggies turn me off.

So, now I have found V-8 Juice.  I never had it until recently.  I like it (tastes just like tomato juice).  I have one every day.  So this got me to thinking...does this count asa serving of daily vegetables or not?  I mean it says so right on the label.

My vegetable struggle continues....