I saw this nostalgic relic by the side of the road one day during my afternoon walk.  Doesn't look like much, does it?

Oh, but what it must have been in its day!

It is not hard for me to imagine this Thunderbird (maybe 1959?) rolling out of a local dealership showroom and on to the streets of Otsego or Delaware counties.  And a convertible no less!

I can see the smiling face of the dad who just got a raise at his job (Scintilla?  SUNY Oneonta?  Bordens? Bresees?  Norwich Pharmaceutical?) and spent those few extra bucks on a brand new T-bird.  Or maybe some young stud used all of his savings to drive this beauty off to college.  Maybe it was a family car, but it would have to be a small family (not much room here). 

And just imagine what this looked like driving down Rt. 7 in the summer with the top down.  Mom and Dad.  Boyfriend and girlfriend.  Young family.  It is fun to try and put the puzzle pieces together when you see an old memory like this.

It is even hard to tell what the original color was, now all rusty, but I bet it was a sparkler for sure.  And today it sits, preserved in amber, watching the world go by and dreaming of better days,younger days, on the roads of our listening area.

I'll bet it was gorgeous...