There is just no rhyme or reason when it comes to holiday favorites.  Bing Crosby?  Of course.  Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation?" Certainly!  The song "Little Drummer Boy?"  Not my cup of tea.  Christmas is just such a personal time of the year, crowded with memories and visions of our youth, that it makes no sense to try and sort it all out.  Just enjoy it.

My daughter Katie, now living with her soldier husband in Germany, is a perfect example.  She is a young, modern woman who loves all the skypeing, texting, photoshopping, Facebooking, tweeting and iPodding that all young people love.  And yet, I just know there is a certain song that takes this modern young woman back to when she was a little girl and would sing this song with her Dad say, oh, maybe two decades ago or more.

It is just a cheesy little song with an even cheesier stop action video.  It was made in 1951.  It is in black and white.  It came out of Chicago almost six decades ago.  The singer is a young Norma Zimmer who went on to fame as the longtime "Champagne Lady" on the Lawrence Welk Show.

And yet even though this is so old I know my Katie will sing along (out loud, no less) when Norma gets to the part..."Wheeee, the rides on me!  Just like Katie used to squeal when I held her in my arms twenty-five years ago as we sang this together.  A sweet memory for me.

Does anybody else out there remember Suzy Snowflake?