5 Safety Tips for the Holiday Shopper
With the holiday season upon us, Oneonta City Police Chief Dennis Nayor has some helpful safety tips for holiday shoppers. Chief Nayor says a lot of crimes that occur are crimes of opportunity. If you remove or minimize the opportunity there is less chance of somebody becoming a victim.
Delaware County Holiday Parade Set for Saturday
This Saturday morning is the O’Connor Hospital 14th annual Holiday Parade in Delhi. Parade organizer is O’Connor Hospital’s director of facilities Michael Howard. The lineup for the parade begins at 10:00 a.m. with the parade kickoff at 11:00 a...
Baby Boomer Alert: Does Anybody Remember “Suzy Snowflake?” (VIDEO)
There is just no rhyme or reason when it comes to holiday favorites.  Bing Crosby?  Of course.  Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation?" Certainly!  The song "Little Drummer Boy?"  Not my cup of tea.  Christmas is just such a personal time of the year, crowded with memories and visions of our youth, that it makes no sense to try and sort it all out...

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