The Zerbini Family Circus is coming to Oneonta June 9th through June 12th.

The circus features “a couple of aerial acts, juggling, magic, and there is a transforming car,” Mike Jones, a circus spokesman, said during an interview with CNY News.

The aerial acts, a crowd pleasing favorite, involves performers high up in the big top tent on a trapeze, hoops, ropes, high-wires, and slings.

“We have animal acts including dogs, donkeys and ponies,” Jones said. “We don’t have exotic animals like lions and tigers, but of course we have clowns.”

In addition, the circus has a moon bounce and pony rides for younger children. Snacks like nachos, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones will be sold on the grounds.

Jones said this particular version of the Zerbini Family Circus began touring the country in 1992. However, it has roots dating back 250 years. The current owner’s father drove a traveling circus across the Sahara Desert, world’s largest desert, in the last century.

The Sixth-Ward Booster Club is bringing the circus to Oneonta. The club, founded in 1959, is a social and service organization established “to support sport, recreational and educational causes throughout the greater Oneonta area.”

The circus will be at the Sixth-Ward Booster Club playground, 7 Scrambling Ave, Oneonta for four days.

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