What a great movie this is!  One of my favorite war movies starring one of my favorite actors.

It seems like this movie came out much later than 1963.  It has a sophisticated look to it, more like a 1970 film.  The scenery in Germany and Austria is stunning (particularly in the gripping motorcycle chase at the end).  The set portrays a German POW camp to perfection.  The cast of characters, both the good guys and the baddies, is top notch.

My favorites are James Garner, Donald Pleasance and Charles Bronson.  Who could ever forget how tight our chests felt as Bronson's "Danny" experienced his worst claustrophobic fears deep inside the tunnel.  Wow.  Other cast members included Richard Attenborough and James Coburn.

The film is based on a true story of a prisoner escape from a camp in Germany.  The men portrayed in the film are composites of actual escapees. The film was the biggest box office success of 1963.  Curiously, the movie is played every Christmas Day in the UK and is a holiday viewing tradition is Scotland.

I give this great flick four highest rating!

Find it...enjoy it!