We recently asked our listeners and social media readers to answer this question:  "If you could go back for just one night with your friends to a bar that is no longer around, where would you go?" 

We received hundreds of responses.  Some of the most remembered bars are The Aquarium, OST, Christophers, Klipnockie, Nuccis, Dark Horse, Sip and Sail, Boomers, Abner Doubledays, Oasis, The Library, Rose Avenue Country Club, Mustang Joes, Corner Bar, Evening Inn, and others.

Here are the Top Six "most remembered" old bars:

#1:  Grandmas.  Robert said "Ten cent drafts and twenty-five cent mixers on Mondays!"

#2:  The Rail:  Sue said:  "The rail with all my sisters!"

#3:  Tommy's:  Ben said:  "I'd give anything for one more night at Tommy's with my buddies!"

#4:  Paradise Lost:  Jeniffer said:  "Yup, I will admit to getting lost in paradise a couple of times myself!"

#5:  The Royal:  Joe said:  "They just don't make them like the Royal anymore."

#6:  Jerry's:  Barbara said:  "YAY.  That is where I met my husband!"