(Video courtesy YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFd9ARUjG_A&index=369&list=FLlEShrKMjY8cc4CwsU0cnuw)

We all love to look at old photographs from our area.  They are such wonderful touchstones to our past.  Postcards, family albums, high school pictures and such.  All wonderful.

But..when we get to see a video of our past, well that is certainly something different.  Look at this parade video from Sidney in  1967.  The colors are vibrant, look at the old stores and the crowds lining the main street of the village.  And look at the old cars.....those big boats of the 1960s.

One feature of those old parades was the local "old timers" who glided down the parade route waving to the crowds from the back seats of the vehicles.  We can see that here.  One sign on a car identifies the occupant as Mrs. Dan Fox, wife of the legendary early era Troop C commander.

I love this video.  So nostalgic.