Yes, I was out for a walk with Stella (my dog) when I came upon this gigantic rollerskate!  In Unadilla no less.

It is a motorized custom car made by Steve's Restoration and Hot Rods of Frankfort, N.Y.  The company made this full sized vehicle for an episode of "American Restoration" on The History Channel.This eye popper now belongs to Bob Couse, owner of Boulder Oil in Unadilla.

I chatted with Bob and he told me that he saw one like this back in the 1970s and he always wanted to own it.  Out of the blue he recently got a call from Steve's saying the giant motorized roller skate was for sale.

"So I bought it," Bob told me.  "I guess we all are allowed to make a silly purchase once in a while.  And I think this one is mine," He laughed.

Watch for this Monster Rollerskate in area parades and car shows.