As summer tourism booms, the Town of Oneonta might see a “mini urban renewal” – just so long as everyone is in compliance.

“We have the issue of bigger homes where there has to be family living in them,” Joe Camarata, Planning Board Chair, told the Town of Oneonta Board. “How do you police that? I think we suggest they come into the code office or if they want to rent out 18 bedrooms that they ask for a zoning variance.”

Camarata said they had not had any complaints so far, but “you can see it growing and growing.”

Camarata said the area around Disney World in Florida had “a large number of transient rentals,” which required business permits “because it is a business out of your home” and proof of insurance.

“Most of the people here haven’t told their insurance companies they are renting…if there’s a fire or a problem in the house, they’re not covered,” he said.

Board members discussed the possibility of raising the fine on those not in compliance with [short-term rental regulations] that “someone would pay attention to,” as Council member Patricia Jacob put it, such as the City of Oneonta’s $300 a day fine. Currently, the town imposes a $100 fine if an owner of a short-term rental is non-compliant.

“It’s good for the economy when all is said and done,” Camarata said. “People want their places to look nice so they can rent them out, so it’s our own mini urban renewal.”

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