Wow, I never thought in my lifetime we would be talking about rules associated with the legal use of marijuana. But here we are, doing just that.

The argument for legalizing marijuana has been happening for decades, and while its recreational use is still illegal in many states, New York State has come aboard the legal cannabis train. So with that, we have many questions, and the Cannabis New York Government website has some answers to those questions, more specifically about the workplace.

Personally, I don't think using cannabis in the workplace is a good idea. I don't drink on the job, so why would I smoke marijuana on the job? I need what little senses I have left on the job without becoming impaired. But either way, let's take a look at five questions and answers about the use of cannabis in the New York State workplace from the Cannabis New York Government website. 

Is An Employer Required To Fire An Employee Who Has Used Marijuana On The Job?

The answer is No. But that doesn't mean the employer can't. If it lessens the employee's performance or can result in a safety hazard, the employer can take action. Also, an employer can't fire an employee who may have the smell of cannabis on them.

Can Your Employer Prohibit Possession of Cannabis At The Workplace?

The answer is yes. And that includes any part of the employer's property, vehicles, and areas used by the employees.

What about Drug Testing Requirements At The Workplace?

The Cannabis New York website states that an employer can't test an employee for cannabis even if it's permitted by federal law, with the exception of some certain provisions as set forth by New York State.

How about Those Under 21 At Work Using Cannabis On The Job?

Employers are not required to discipline or terminate the employee. Nor is the employer required to report it. But they have the option to do so if they wish.

Can My Employer Prohit Me From Using Cannabis During My Lunch Breaks Or Other Work Breaks?

The answer is Yes, during working hours, and includes both paid and non-paid work breaks.

For more detailed explanations and additional answers to questions concerning the use of cannabis in the workplace, visit the Cannabis New York Government website.

via Cannabis New York Government

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