Life is hard. Spending is easy and if the results of a new study are accurate, New Yorkers are lifting their moods following a hard day by shopping and, a lot.

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As more workplaces are understaffed and heaping extra work on their existing employees for no additional pay or benefits, more and more Americans are struggling with mental health problems and as a temporary fix, they're turning to binge buying.

We're not talking about binge buying as in buying excessive amounts of the same item. We're talking about stopping at a store after the workday or pulling up our favorite online retail website and spending in excess.

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While there are better options for handling mental stress, 45 percent of New Yorkers say they'd rather lift their mental mood by shopping than doing something more healthy like exercising.

New Yorkers have been hit hard by the overwhelming feeling that they need retail therapy to cope. Almost half of all New Yorkers say they buy things with the hope those things will make them feel better.

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Each time a New Yorker goes binge buying, they spend an average of $212.95 and when that amount is totaled, New Yorkers are collectively spending over $1.6 billion each year in an attempt to settle our stressed-out minds and lift up our stomped-on spirits.

Something is really wrong with this picture isn't it? How much more will New Yorkers take before we collectively put our feet down and refuse to be worked to the breaking point anymore? Will things ever change or is this way of life here to stay? Let's hope that it isn't because it will certainly send many to an early grave.

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