By: Kelli Whitman

For an area that snows for a good portion of the year, it may seem like there aren’t any fun outdoor activities to take part in, but you would be wrong! Try out these local activities if you are ready for some fun and aren’t afraid of a little snow.

-  Take out your fishing pole for ice fishing at Wilber Lake and Otsego Lake. Be sure to follow fishing regulations posted on

-   Check out the snowshoeing trails at Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park.

-  Dust off your old ice skates for ice skating at Glimmerglass State Park. Check to make sure ice skating is permitted for that day.

-  Tire yourself out on the X-country skiing trails at Gilbert Lake State Park.

These are just a few of the activities offered by the local parks. To see what your local state park has to offer, visit