Winter driving.  It comes with the territory.

As for me I always give myself extra time when heading out in a snowstorm.  And I know which road can be particularly harrowing.  Like heading west in an ice storm  on Chestnut Street in Oneonta towards the new Nick's Diner hill.  Or that roller coaster coming off the mountain into Norwich from Oneonta.  But for me it is always I-88.

Now that I have moved out of Oneonta (to Unadilla) I find myself at the mercy of I-88 on a winter's morning.  Granted I am up and on the roads long before many others (4:45 AM), but still it is usually a white-knuckler all the way in.  Many times I do not even have tracks to follow in the road.  Just me.  Alone.  And some tractor trailers blasting past me at 60 miles an hour.  While I creep along with my hazard lights blinking away.

I love I-88 all year long.  It is like our own private thruway.  Buy, in a winter storm...yuck!

So what road is your nightmare in the winter?