(all photos courtesy Susquehanna Animal Shelter)

Townsquare Media just heard from our friends at the Susquehanna Animal Shelter   What a shocking story!  Please read, and help if you are able to:

This morning someone dumped 19 kittens in a plastic bag in a bathroom at AO Fox Hospital. It looks like there may be 3 or 4 different litters- some of the kittens are only 2 days old (still with umbilical cords), some are 2-3 weeks and some are 4 weeks. Thankfully the hospital staff acted fast and found a volunteer to run the kittens down to the shelter. Currently they have all had one feeding and are doing okay!

All of these kittens will need to be bottle fed, so we are trying to coordinate with all of our current fosters to make sure we find placement for them by the end of the day. We are also seeing if one of our nursing mothers will take the 2 day olds, but have not had luck so far. If we end up needing more fosters, we will let you know! If you want to be added to the foster list for situations like this, or would like more information about fostering, please call or message us.

It is very dangerous for kittens at such young an age to be away from their moms and since they were dropped off anonymously we have no idea where their mothers are and how long they went without food. If you have kittens you cannot care for, PLEASE reach out to us for help! This is also why spaying and neutering is SO incredibly important and truly SAVES lives.

Unfortunately, in the summer this is a very common occurrence. If you would like to donate towards the care of these kittens and others like them, please click on the link below to securely give via PayPal:

You can also stop by or mail us at 4841 State Highway 28, Cooperstown NY 13326. Call us at 607-547-8111 and come visit us anytime Tuesday-Saturday 12 to 4.

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