There are so many great cities in Western New York that we have been to and hope to revisit again soon.  From Rochester to Buffalo to East Aurora to Jamestown and so many others, there is plenty to do in these cities on a visit.

But what about the smaller towns and villages of Western New York?

Well, I am happy to report there is plenty to see and do there also!  As you will see in this gallery, these nine smaller towns (most around 2,000 residents) have some pretty interesting places to see and things to do.

The area is fascinating also.  Lots of lakes, many small college towns (Olean, Brockport, Geneseo, Fredonia, and all the many colleges in Buffalo, plus several others), lots of history, great food and drink places, and so much more.

In this gallery we will visit small towns that are not to be missed.  For each of the nine visited, I mention one or maybe two "bucket list" places to visit while there.  And some of them are just great.  There is a fort and a religious site way up in the western corner of the region (Youngstown) that one could make a whole weekend visit for.  One tiny community has perhaps the most unusual sports museum in the United States.  Another small town is a real party town, and they advertise themselves as having "24 shops, 23 bars and restaurants, and two world class ski resorts."  And don't forget the village that was once heralded as "The Grape Juice Capital of the World."

In this gallery we look at small places in Allegany, Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua counties.  We will visit other counties in upcoming posts.

Small places, for sure, but each is a special town that is worthy of a stop-by from all of our readers.

9 Of Our Favorite Small Towns in Western New York and Why We Love Them!

There are many larger cities in Western New York that we love to visit. From Buffalo to East Aurora to Lackawanna to Niagara Falls and more, they are all worthy of a visit from us. But so are the smaller places, too! Here is a quick snapshot of nine little Western New York towns that we love. Have you been to any of them?

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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With Independent Book Store Day now in the rear view mirror, this gallery looks at a collection of the best (and smallest) of them all in Upstate New York. We have looked at the large indie book stores in Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, etc. in previous galleries'. But this one is for the little guys. The book stores range in communities with a high population of 17,000 to a hamlet with a teeny tiny population of under 400 residents. And they are all great!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio